We are managed by a Board of Directors who provide their time, expertise, and guidance on a voluntary basis, with the support of a dedicated team of qualified professionals...

Our Vision

We are commited to social responsibility and exist to develop and auspice effective, holistic solutions to aid in the relief of poverty; and to support and advocate for individuals and families...

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop and implement practical programs that enhance well being and resilience in children, young people, their families, and the community...

Our Mission

Our Mission is to engage, support and strengthen 'at risk' young people, and disadvantaged families affected by social disconnection and poverty...

Our Promise

We are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards, acting with integrity and transparency whilst persistently seeking best practice, evidence-based, positive outcomes...

Hunger in Australia

Hunger is a largely hidden social problem and many victims suffer in silence. The victims could be a child, unemployed or elderly person in your street. 

Poverty causes 60,000 low-income families to go without at least one meal every day, and two million people rely on food relief at some point every year, says a November 2009 report by an independent think tank called The Australia Institute.

Every year, Australians throw out three million tonnes of food worth 5.2 billion Australian dollars (4.4 billion U.S dollars). And according to Australia's largest hunger relief organisation:
  • 11% of Australian adults and 12% of children live in poverty, and the numbers are growing.
  • 2.2 million Australians don't have enough money to take care of basic needs such as housing, clothing and food.
  • 15% of Australian children live in jobless households
  • In Australia up to a million children don't always get enough to eat
  • The aged, singles and the working poor have become the new battlers in Australia
These children will often go to school without breakfast, or to bed without dinner. Each year, two million Australians will rely on food relief and around half of them will be children. 

As a direct response to such social & economic disadvantage in our community, the DENNY Foundation launched: ‘Boost 4 Families'.
Our 'Boost' Program provides the opportunity for positive health outcomes via the provision of a variety of nutritious fresh food parcels, or ‘Boost Paks’. Boost Paks are available to individuals, families and community groups, who support disadvantaged persons.
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